Types of Slot machines

slot machinesSlot machines have always been popular with people enjoying a casino game or two.

In case you are someone who frequently visits the live casinos you would see that it is the slots area which attracts most of the crowd. Interestingly in the past table games were the most popular games and slot machines were only introduced as a test to use unoccupied space. The rest is history.

As a game if you want to win at the slots, there is no need to use any kind of planning or strategy. This means you can be completely dependent on your fate. This is one characteristic about slot that makes it so appealing to many. With the increasing vogue of slot machines there has been a gradual development of the types of slot games that are provided by casino operators. In case you do not know which are the different kinds of slots games, let us run through each type to have a look.

The most popular form of slot machines games are the straight slots. In this type of games, there is a particular winning combination of symbols that is marked in front of the machine. There are typically three or more columns of symbols which spin on when you press the button. After the spinning stops, in case your machine stops at the winning combination, you will win the prize.

Another type of slot game is the wildcard slot game. This format provides you with a higher chance of winning. However if you win on this machine you probably would get a lower payout rate. Here a wildcard symbol is used. You might need to hit on a particular symbol which would win you the winning combination.

There are yet other kinds of variations of the slot machines. You can even have access to free slots games. The game of slots multiplier is very commonly used these days. Multiplier slots are just like the other slot games. The only difference is in the kind of payouts that they provide you with. The payout of the machine would be directly proportionate to the amount of coins that you insert into the machines.

Similarly in bonus slots, the winnings would depend on the amount of coins that you insert added on with other additional bonuses. The progressive slot is another type of slots machines which right now is quite popular.

The slots machines you can win the biggest prizes at are ones sharing their top prize with other machines in the same casino or sometimes at other casinos too. This way the pool of money rises faster in the form of a jackpot. This is how casino millionaires are made and this shows that some players indeed win big time against the casino. The secret is to stop playing big cash once you have made a fortune, so you do not give it all back.

Online as well. And you can play online casino games and enjoy great Welcome Bonus! This is the difference with the brick and mortar casinos, online casino will give you a bonus that you can use to place bets on their games. Have a look.

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