Three Tips To Improve as an Internet Poker Player

Almost everyone who plays internet poker has dreams of earning a living playing online from the comfort of their own homes. What could be better than being your own boss, waking up whenever you want to, not having to travel anywhere, and the ability to win as much money as you could dream of! Sound easy? Well it’s not, and you might already have found that out the hard way, by shipping your bankroll to other players at the internet poker tables.

In this article we will discuss things which could take your poker game to the next level – and then the next! Playing poker is not easy anymore. Most players who are professionals have either had huge tournament wins, are sponsored by an internet poker room, or are living off their cash game success which could turn anytime. If you want to stop losing money at the poker tables, read the following three tips and put them to action to become a better poker player!

#1 – Poker Training Sites

There are lots of training sites out there nowadays. For a small monthly/yearly fee you can become a member of a poker training site and watch hundreds of in-depth strategy videos discussing each hand played as well the reasoning behind making each play. The vast knowledge on offer at poker training sites is quite remarkable, and is also a reason why internet poker is harder to win at nowadays – everyone has watched training videos and became better. Choosing the right poker training site is crucial however.

Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond created Bluefire Poker which is a poker training site which specializes in cash-game poker. If you mostly play cash games then this is the best training site for you. However, if you are mainly an MTT (multi-table tournament) player then a site such as Real Poker Training or Poker Pwnage is the best site or you.

#2 – Internet Poker Tools

If you currently aren’t using any internet poker tools then you are way behind! A vast majority of internet poker players are using some sort of poker tool, whether it be an odds calculator, or even a data mining tool which provides them with opponents’ statistics. Not all poker tools are allowed at poker sites so if you do purchase one, make sure you read the poker sites rules and check if your poker tool is allowed, otherwise you could be banned.

Newer poker players would be best investing in a poker odds calculator such as Texas Calculatem. It provides you with instant odds on your hand and indicates whether ou should play the hand or fold. More experienced players who play a lo of tournaments and sit and goes would be best investing in Tournament Shark which gives information on your opponents results. You can find out more in our internet poker tools section.

#3 – Play on an easier poker site

Playing on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker? Yes, most aspiring pros do. These sites have the most players and biggest guarantees, but if you really want to be successful you should be hunting the fish at easier poker sites. One of the current easiest to-beat poker sites is PowerPoker, very well-known for having the softest players and games. PowerPoker was launched in early 2009 and are sponsors of high-stakes poker player Ilari Sahamies aka ‘Ziigmund’. New players to the site can enjoy a 110% up to $600 bonus.

Improving your game takes time and you won’t have overnight success, it is like everything – you must work at it. Reading poker strategy articles, watching training videos, discussing hands on forums etc are just steps to becoming a better, winning poker player Choosing to play at an easy internet poker site is just another step, similar to table selection. You won’t want to sit down at a table against Phil Ivey for all your cash now would you? Everyone starts somewhere, if you have the drive to succeed you eventually will! Good Luck.

October 12, 2013 |

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