Poker face

My granddad taught me how to play poker on my thirteenth birthday when he bought me my first casino set. Within two years I was in need of a new one as my first had been severely overworked. I loved that set which had included a small roulette wheel and betting felt that had roulette on one side and blackjack on the other. I had three cats at the time all of whom enjoyed playing with the betting chips, knocking several under irretrievable places such as the piano and our heavy bookshelves.

Once I had exhausted my second set, my parents actually persuaded me to try something new. They suggested going to an actually casino once a month or so to bet rather than constantly winning money off them and my brother who began to refuse to play against me.

It sounds strange that parents would be encouraging their daughter of only eighteen years old to gamble, but it is not in my nature to get carried away with betting, nor is it in my nature to be a bad loser or an ungracious winner. I decided to give it a go and I enjoyed it very much. I worked hard and became a little higher than average at my local casino.

I visit once a month but find that my skill can slip in that amount of time considering I was used to playing with family or friends at least once a week. I never bet a large amount of money, nothing that I could never win back, so I then decided to try online poker.

There are so many online casinos now with so many different kinds of game like slots or roulette that it was a difficult choice but I found one that suited me perfectly poker-wise, with the ability to chat to players in chat rooms and forums and also the advantage of live chat. No one knows who I am and I win some and lose some just like any other player but playing online really helps to keep my skills honed in so I am able to work on them in my own time.