Mastering your poker bankroll

The major pitfall for most starting players is playing out of their bankroll.

They play games that are too rich for their bankrolls and variance causes them to go busto.   It’s real important to play at a level that if your AA losts to that 9-7 (but hey they were suited) it really won’t hurt you too much and you can look forward to the next time he tries that play.

But if you have a $500 bankroll and your playing at $200NL ($1-$2 blinds) then you just dumped most of your bankroll to a suckout and that can not only hurt, but it can keep hurting when people go on tilt or attempt to “win back” what they lost.  It’s just bad bad bad bad.

So here is my master plan to take over the poker world:

$10NL – 20 Buy-Ins ($200)
$25NL – 20 Buy-Ins ($500)
$50NL – 20 Buy-Ins ($1000)
$100NL – 25 Buy-Ins ($2500)
$200NL – 30 Buy-Ins ($6000)

The amount in the parenthesis is the minimum amount I need in my bankroll to move up to that level.  If upon moving up I drop 5 buy-ins below the min, I will move myself back down and rebuild.

It’s simple.  It’s straightforward.  It’s something I am going to work very hard to stay disciplined too.

Of course it is easier said than done. They to be a profitable online poker player is do know when to move down in limit. Often players’ ego will stop you from doing that, maybe because you do not want the players at the lower limit to recognize you and berate you for coming back at their level. Or for any sort of reason. This is a leak. Leave you ego in the closet when playing online poker, this is the number one rule.

August 25, 2010 |

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