Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot

Carbon Poker has one of the best Bad Beat Jackpot initiatives around and with it currently being over $900,000, somebody out in the Carbon world will take home a huge payday for being very unlucky.

For those of you who don’t know how the Bad Beat Jackpot works, it really is as simple as saying the whole table gets rewarded for someone’s monster hand getting beat by an even bigger hand. To get involved, players must sit at the selected Bad Beat Jackpot ring game tables in the Carbon Poker lobby and then simply play cards as per usual. Those Bad Beat Jackpot tables take $0.50 from every pot and put it towards the Bad Beat Jackpot that grows and grows until someone hits it.

To win the Bad Beat Jackpot a player actually has to lose; he or she must lose a hand with four of a kind 7’s or better and both players (the winner and loser) must use both hole cards to complete the hand. When this happens, the losing player takes home 35% of the jackpot and the winner takes home of 17.5% of the Bad Beat Jackpot. The remaining players at the table that were dealt into the hand split up another 17.5% while, 20% of the remaining pot goes to reseed the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

Poker players are geniuses when it comes to calculating odds and doing math-related problems, but anyone can figure out that taking home 35% of $900K is a sizable chunk of change ($315,000) for actually losing a poker hand! This is actually attracting a lot of attention in the online poker world and traffic is booming as more and more players do not want to miss on that opportunity.

What are you waiting for, head on over to Carbon’s Bad Beat tables to get in on your chance to make a huge score by actually losing a hand!

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