Bad poker beat and how to deal with it.

If you have been playing poker online, you know how annoying bad poker beat is, and it is very important for you to know how to deal with it. First of all, you must understand what a poker bad beat is. There is no exact definition but it is said to occur when despite of having a very strong hand, you are beaten and you cannot do anything about it. It makes no sense when you have the upper hand and yet lose. It makes you sick since you thought you had the best hand, but you lost and you have to accept that fact.

Texas Holdem Poker is an online poker game where you get bad beats. These bad beats can be categorized into two types, one where you are helpless and have to resign to your fate and the other which you can certainly hope to avoid.

Let us first analyze the type where a bad beat is inevitable. You have got a pair of aces and the other player left in contention has a pair of fours. Now to have a pair of aces is considered to be the best possible combination but the flop is AQ4 and the other player selects the option to go all-in. You are left with no option but to call. You don’t get a chance to fold your aces and lose to fours. When a four comes on the river, this is bad beat. This really is bad but you could have folded instead of calling, as AQ in not that strong a hand.

Now let us assume a second scenario where you can hope to deal with a bad beat. Imagine that it is again you and another opponent left on the table and you have got AQ. Your opponent is really low on chips and has got a poor J9. You think you have got a good chance and you choose to call his all in. Lady luck is not on your side and the flop comes 10 7 2 and it is your friend who hits 8 on the turn.

Well, you resign to your fate and start wondering what more you could do to win. It’s not your fault and you have to accept the fact that in online poker games, bad beats are a part of the game of poker and they will occur, no matter what. You have to live with them and proceed without getting demoralized. Online poker is not different from playing poker in a casino when it comes to bad beats.

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