High Stakes Poker on GSN

Ok so this show I have watched since the first day it aired.  I was looking forward to this show.  I am tired of watching the All-in fests that most online tournaments have become.

It’s real interesting to see a full table of pros who actually know how each one plays and then watch the moves they make.  I did grow a bit tired of watching Negreanu dropping cash bombs all over the table.  He would toss in 500k on a pot that was like 30k, I mean come on.  Does he really feel like he needs more exposure?

The Dr Gyno guy also annoyed me. It was pretty obvious that he was outclassed – sure he caught a pot or two but the pros definitely pushed him around most of the time, and he seemed to only be interested in being seen at that game. I was glad when he left.

As for Sheiky I was happy to see him sit at the table – but then he quickly established himself as the table ass and started whining about everything.  It was hilarious to watch Farha put him in his place.  While I enjoyed watching Sheikhan in the WSOP Main even battling with Matusow, I am really starting to grow tired of these types of players. All in all it was interesting to watch, you had Ted Forrest get stuck for about 150k and then battle himself back up to +25k or so, that was good poker to watch.

I did have a few complaints.  First of all – AJ freaking Benza?  That was the best they could come up with?  I refuse to believe it.  I like Gabe Kaplan as the poker commentator and he does a good job of adding insight, but AJ Benza?  Whoever the guy is that made that decision should be immediately fired.  At least if your going to hire the guy tell him to do something about the horrible hair plugs – Jesus.

And also the table mics.  This sorta goes along with the choice of commentators, but can we turn their mikes down (or off in Benza’s case) and turn up the table mics please? I am watching this to hear the table talk and hear the people snipe at each other, I could care less that AJ Benza needs Gabe to refresh for him if a flush beats a straight, seriously.

Just turn down the commentator’s and turn up the table talk, please. To be able to hear Doyle say “I shoulda known better then to try to bluff an idiot” again makes the show so much better.  Oh yeah and drop the player “profiles” where they follow them around the casino and waste 5 minutes of my life.  Do I really need to see some of these guys toss around thousands of dollars on the blackjack table?  Nope not really.

All in all though, it’s a good show, and a good change from the same tourney format we see over and over.  I hope they stick with it and evolve the show.  For now this one will definitely stay on the TV record list.

September 25, 2008 |

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